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Royal Centre for Remote Sensing

The Royal Centre for Remote Sensing (CRTS) is the national institution responsible for the promotion, use and development of remote sensing applications in Morocco. CRTS coordinates and carries out the national program of remote sensing in collaboration with ministerial departments, private operators and universities. CRTS uses operational systems to collect, produce and analyze data from Earth observation satellites and other sources. It also runs the national archiving facilities.

CRTS develops applications and methods in space technologies and related disciplines (remote sensing, GIS, positioning, telecommunications, …) CRTS also provides training and education opportunities in space technologies, and maintains partnerships for research actions and programs with universities and research institutions.

Expertise to serve the users

CRTS provides its expertise in remote sensing to national and regional organizations, ranging from private sector companies to government and non-government institutions, involved in projects for resources management and environmental assessment. With an experienced and dynamic team and high-performance equipment, CRTS offers services for :

  • Projects realization and methodology definition
  • Satellite data acquisition and distribution
  • Consultancy and technical assistance
  • Information system conception and realization

Action to promote international cooperation

CRTS is deploying efforts to promote technology transfer and development of cooperation at the international level. Several actions are conducted under different forms:

  • Memoranda of understanding between CRTS and its international counterparts
  • Participation to a wide range of regional and international programs (AFRICOVER, COPINE, RAMSES, CAMELEO, RICAMARE, …)
  • Membership in international associations and committees (COPUOS, IAF, SA, EURISY, ISU, …)
  • Participation of CRTS staff in the activities of international agencies and organizations, as members of advisory committees, consultants, …
  • Organization of international conferences dedicated to regional problems
  • Work with United-Nations organizations such as : UNDP, FAO, UNEP, IOC/UNESCO, OOSA, …

Training to contribute to substainable development

One of the missions of CRTS is to encourage the use of satellite remote sensing through the training of professionals and decision makers from different disciplines and at various levels. To fulfil these objectives, CRTS undertakes the following actions:

  • The setting-up of infrastructures dedicated to training in the field of high technology and adapted to the regional needs
  • Developing technical solutions through training sessions either for initiation or performance enhancement
  • Developing project and/or specific training modules in cooperation with regional and international organizations (ESA, FAO, EC, UNDP, …)
  • Developing actions and programs of R&D in collaboration with national and international universities and regional centers. These actions concern topics such as : land cover, land use changes, climate change, desertification, oceanography

Informations to increase awarness

A variety of information actions at various levels and with various orientations and forms, is undertaken by the CRTS to sensitize scientists, decision makers, administrators and youth to the social and economic benefits of space science and technology. Such actions consist of:

  • Organization of seminars, exhibitions, round tables, conferences, …
  • Creation of a National Committee on remote sensing to inform users and to define the needs
  • Publication of a newsletter on space activities
  • Publication of a multidisciplinary, technical and scientific journal, "GEOOBDERVATEUR", focused on themes concerning developing countries